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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Wow! It's been forever hasn't it? With my crazy summer, and then school just starting back up, I have been way too busy to sit down at my computer and write. But, I HAD to come and write a little something for you guys because I have very special news!

I GOT A PUPPY! A French Bulldog! And he is literally the cutest thing ever.
What a babe.This is Mr. Habersham (AKA Habby). He's 15 weeks old as of September 25th, 2016 and WOW he's hilarious.(Look at the little pink dot on his nose!!)

French Bulldogs are super popular in pop culture right now and I didn't really KNOW why until I brought home this special little boy.

He's sassy, cuddly, mischievous, boyish, kind, energetic, on goes the list for the rest of eternity. Frenchies are known for their high levels of sass and friendliness. He's so smart and he grows up a little more every day! (He's gotten so big since we got him!)

There are a million reasons why I am grateful for little Habby. But the main reason is that he came into my life during a time when I really needed some joy. And what could bring more joy than a puppy?!I think it is no coincidence I got a dog RIGHT when I needed a little something to pick me up. And let me tell you, this little man brings me some MAJOR joy.

To conclude this (kinda short) blog, I just thought I'd give you guys some of the best pictures we've taken of Habby. Enjoy!

 HE LOVES our stairs!

We bought him some doggy steps so he could easily get up the couch and back down. :)

I love this picture xD. Habby was playing around in his bed and I happened to get a perfect shot! LOOK at his paws that are too big for him and his baby two front teeth growing in! Soo cute.

Mid-yawn, LOL.

Habby meets Trigger, our neighbor's dog. They LOVED each other.

I'm so happy to have Habby in my life. I'm very thankful that he came when he did. Having a puppy seems to make you feel better about life. ;) 

~Maddie xo

Friday, May 13, 2016


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post dedicated to what I bought online recently! Ya'll killed it last month with the support and reads on last month's post, so I decided to do it again! As I'm sure you already can guess, I love shopping online. It's fun, it's easy, it's quick. The only bad part is waiting for your stuff to come in the mail. -_- But it's also the best feeling in the world to go check your mail and realize you got a package in! 

I want to go ahead and jump on into this post, and show you what I got! I didn't get as much this month, but I still bought some super cool things that I think you will enjoy very much!

Clear genuine crystal necklace
Pretty right? Minimalist jewelry is my thing. It's plain, it's simple, but it's gorgeous. And yes, it's a real crystal!

Cat-eye sunglasses
I'm not really sure why cat-eye sunglasses are so popular right now. Maybe it's because they are glamorous! And that's definitely what these sunglasses are! 

The "you tried" pin-button
This pin is so sarcastic and I love it. LOL the perfect addition to my backpack!

Oliver The Octopus
No, Oliver the Octopus is not the actual name of the product. But it's what I named my new best friend! Isn't he cute?! And the fact that he's handmade makes him even better! This little sea creature is enough to make your heart melt to goo! Oliver is the new family member in my household!
What a cutie pie. 

Honestly, I think I bought some pretty great stuff in April. And I hope you enjoyed looking at all the things I bought!

BUT GUYS! It has been an ENTIRE YEAR since I started this blog! That's crazy! Some of you guys have been with me since the beginning (I know who you are!) and I appreciate you all so much! If you are a newer reader of mine, I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far! I hope to keep doing this blog for another year and years to come!

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